Sanctum (Shifters' World 3) by Ruby Fielding (werewolf, shifter, paranormal romance, werewolves, breeding, post-apocalypse, dystopian, erotic, shapeshifter, breeding, romance, pregnancy)

Sanctum (Shifters' World 3)


Sanctum (Shifters' World 3)

by Ruby Fielding

Sanctum (ShiftersIn a world where plague has swept civilization away like leaves in a storm, where viruses that cause people to shift and change have altered what it is, for most, to be human, a few survivors hold out in a desperate attempt to save the human race.

When they take in a woman found wandering in the forest, they must be sure she is pure, and only then will they be certain of her true value to the community as a fertile woman. Will she pass their tests and will she settle into their community to reproduce for the future?

An explicitly erotic story in the Shifters' World setting, where a woman's fertility is at a premium and it is her duty to reproduce, from the author of Lone Wolf and co-author of paranormal erotic romances Seduced by Moonlight and The Touch.

Published: 01 Jan 2014